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Check vehicle registration number online

In Kerala the MVD is the only department to register vehicles and issue the driving license. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department with The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) introducing online vehicle registration, vehicle registration status check, STA permit check and other services through a software Vahan. The application for vehicle registration can apply through the Parivahan Sewa website. Applicants can check application status there. In this article, I will explain how to use Kerala Motor Vehicle Department / Vahan website to check the vehicle registration details, license application status and how to check STA permit Status.

How to check vehicle registration details by Kerala Motor Vehicle Department

  • Visit Kerala MVD website: check vehicle registration details .
  • Click on “Vehicles Details” link in the right side bar under “Information Services“.
  • Enter registration number or Chassis Number. For eg: If the registration number is KL 01 BB 0001, type KL-01-BB-0001 in the registration number box. If you know the Chassis number, enter the last 5 digits of chassis number.
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Click on ‘Search‘ button to get the Kerala MVD vehicle details.
I am trying to pay Motor Vehicle tax but getting message Alert!!! Vehicle is blacklisted.

If the vehicle is blacklisted then customer cannot avail any Vahan services like Tax for that vehicle. To pay the road tax customer has to remove their vehicle from blacklist by contacting respective departments and then proceed with Vahan services.

I am trying to pay Motor Vehicle tax online but transaction is showing pending.

This is because previous transaction of same vehicle must be pending, new transaction is not possible without complete settlement of previous pending transaction. Customer can check current status of transaction by going to Check Pending Transaction

Can user pay Motor Vehicle Tax online and where?

Yes, Motor Vehicle Tax can be paid from portal or from State transport portal.

I am trying to pay Motor Vehicle tax but after payment I am getting an error message, This transaction is failed please initiate new transaction.

If the amount is debited from the customer's bank account, he/she should wait as reconciliation could be pending from the bank side. Customers should keep checking high transaction status through Check pending transactions (as defined elsewhere in this FAQ).

I am trying to pay Motor Vehicle tax but when I click on payment option nothing happens, a blank page is displayed.

Customer can retry for the payment after sometime and if the problem continues, he/she can contact Vahan Helpdesk for issue reporting.

Which mobile number do I have to use to avail online Motor vehicle tax payment option?

Citizen can avail this facility by entering any mobile number, he/she will get OTP for confirmation of mobile number. After confirmation he/she can proceed further for payment process.

Why am I getting following alert message after entering vehicle registration number Alert! This service has not been activated for the concern State/RTO ?

Online tax payment facility is only available at selected State / RTO, as permitted by State Transport Department. Only a few States and its online RTO are covered under facility.

What forms are required while paying tax online?

There is no need of any form for paying tax online.

For how much time duration Motor Vehicle tax is paid and when?

Tax depends upon the type of vehicle For Non-Transport vehicle-Motor vehicle tax is taken at one time lifetime (15 years). After 15 years tax can be paid during the renewal of registration for 5 years period. In most of the state MV Tax for Non-transport

What is Motor Vehicle Tax and how it is decided?

In India, motor vehicle tax is imposed by state governments. The motor vehicle tax is calculated on the basis of various factors including engine capacity, seating capacity, unladen weight, laden weight and cost price of vehicle.

Do I need to pay tax when I'm is not using my commercial vehicle on road?

If the Transport vehicle is not on Road / Not in Use, then Vehicle owner can apply for Tax Exemption of non use period through concerned Transport department, process varies from state to state.

What are the other tax components?

Other Tax components recovered from vehicle owner are additional MV tax, environment tax, green tax, cess, road safety tax, Municipality Tax etc. These taxes may vary from state to state.

(Applicable for Jharkhand only) I paid Motor Vehicle Tax for my vehicle; amount was debited but the receipt was not generated. Upon checking the pending transaction, I cannot locate any option for refund.

Refund option is only available for the same day of payment till 12PM. In any other case, please write to us (Link of Contact Us here)

Why do I get “No record found” message for my vehicle?

Currently, the facility has not reached all the States/RTOs. Also, there is a chance that not all the records have been migrated to online portal. Hence, it is suggested that you may visit your State Website/ Local RTO for help.

Why Motor Vehicle Taxes are different in different States?

Motor Vehicle tax is imposed by states and each State has their own State motor vehicle act, and the taxation is decided according to that.

If a citizen has applied for NOC, why is he/she not able to avail any other online service for vehicle?

Till NOC process is completed, the citizen cannot apply for any other service during that tenure. Once NOC application is approved, the user is eligible to apply for other services

How do I pay my vehicle’s tax online?

a. Visit
b. Enter your "Vehicle Registration Number.
c. Click on "Proceed" .
d. Click on "Online Services".
e. Select "Pay Vehicle Tax".
f. Enter last 5 Digit of Chassis No. and click on "Validate Regn_no/Chasi_no".
g. Click on ‘Generate OTP’.
h. Enter the OTP received on registered mobile number and Submit.
i. Update "Insurance Details".
j. Review the Fee Panel and Proceed.
k. Pay the Fees, as shown.

How do I surrender my vehicle registration certificate?

a. Visit
b. Enter your "Vehicle Registration Number".
c. Click on "Proceed".
d. Click on "Online Services" and Select "RC SURRENDER".
e. Enter Last 5 Digit of Chassis No and Click on "Validate Regn_no/Chasi_no".
f. Click on Generate OTP and Enter OTP to Submit.
g. Enter "Service Details".
h. Update "Insurance Details".
i. Review Fee Panel and Proceed.
j. Pay fee as it Shows.
k. Upload Doc(If Configurable).

How do I check pending transactions against my Vehicle?

a. Visit
b. Click on "Status" and Select "Check Pending Transaction" .
c. Enter your Registration No., Chassis No. (Last 5 Digit) or Transaction Number.
d. Click on "Show Details" button.
e. Click on "Transaction Number" to Clear the Pending Transaction.

How do I reprint e-receipt?

a. Visit
b. Click on "Status" and Select "Reprint Receipt/forms".
c. Select application type and transaction.
d. Enter your Registration No., Chassis No. (Last 5 Digit).
e. Click "Show Details" button.
f. After that click on "Transaction Number" and take print out of Receipt.


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