COVID-19- Treatment charges in Private Hospitals of Kerala

Approved rates for the covid 19 treatment in Kerala (Private Hospitals)

Government have examined the proposals in detail and hereby notify the following rates for regulating the prices to be charged by Private Hospitals and private nursing homes in providing quality care to directly Walk in COVID-19 Patients (Other than KASP beneficiaries and Government referred patients) in the State of Kerala.

Bed CategoryRate in INR Per Day (Non-NABH)Rate in INR Per Day(NABH)
General WARDRs . 2645Rs . 2910
HDURs. 3795Rs. 4175
ICURs. 7800Rs. 8580


a. Registration Charges

b. Bed Charges

c. Nursing and Boarding Charges

d. Surgeons, Anesthetists, Medical Practitioner, Consultant Charges

e. Anesthesia, Blood Transfusions,Oxygen

f. Medicines and Drugs

g. Pathology and radiology tests:Medical procedures include essential Radiological imaging and diagnostic tests such as X-ray,USG, Hematology, pathology etc.

h. Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses: Expenses incurred for consultation, diagnostic tests and medicines before admission of the patient in the same hospital and cost of diagnostic tests and medication up to 15 days after discharge from the hospital for the same ailment


a. High-End Investigations*like C.T. Chest /HRCT Chest.

b. PPE Kits*.

c. Costly Medications.

*like i. Remdesivir.

ii. Tocilizumab.

*These exclusions shall be governed by the MRP rates of the manufacturer of the drugs and consumables wherever applicable and shall not exceed the same, and the

rates for the diagnostics and investigations shall be as per the declared Hospital rates and undertaken as per medical protocols. If the Union Government or the State Government notifies rates of any drug/consumables/diagnostics in public interest, the same shall be made applicable

  • The Rate for RTPCR test shall continue as fixed by Government Order read as 4 th
    & 5 th papers above .

*The rates for other Covid -19 tests such as Xpert NAT , TRUE NAT, RT -LAM, RAPID Antigen will continue as fixed by Government Order read as 2nd paper above ,inclusive of all PPEs,swabbing charges and other charges related to the test.

*The PPE Kits shall be two per general wards per day and 5 per ICUs per day as agreed by the associations, and the rates shall not exceed the MRP declared by the manufacturer.

*The treatment and management protocol as defined in the Kerala State COVID 19 guidelines Version 3 , No. 17/31/F2/2020 Health, dt 25th of April, 2021, is to be scrupulously followed.

The Following Instructions should comply as mandatory :

⦁ Charges for various treatments, consumables, medicines, doctors and nursing should be made known to the public and will be monitored by the Secretary Clinical Establishment Act.

As per clinical establishment Act 2018, chapter 6, para 19, the services given to public by each and every clinical establishment including rates for the same should be displayed in a visible and accessible place in the organization and/or in its website. This should be done for the information of patients and/or bystanders coming to the organization to avail its services.

⦁ All hospitals must publish their treatment rates in a place accessible to the

public inside the hospital.

⦁ All hospitals must publish treatment rates in their own website.

⦁ The treatment rates already published in their website must be linked with the website of KSCCE.

⦁ Based on section 14 of Kerala Clinical Establishment (Registration & Regulation) Act 2018, District Medical Officer of Health who is the ex-officio Vice Chairperson for implementation of the Kerala Clinical Establishment (Registration & Regulation) Act 2018 would function as the Grievance Redressal Officer for any grievance in the respective district regarding overcharging by the hospitals. The Grievance at the district level will be received by the District Medical Officer (H) of the District concerned and the contact numbers and emails to receive the complaints shall be set up by the DMO(H) and published immediately.

⦁ Under Section 36 of the Kerala Clinical Establishment (Registration & Regulation) Act 2018 and rule 30 of the Kerala Clinical Establishment (Registration & Regulation) Rule 2018, State level authority has been constituted as below ,vide notification No 1046Admin/KSCCE/2020 dated 19.03.2021. The same shall function as the appellate authority in all matters pertaining to overcharging by the private hospitals.

Chairman - Shri.C.K.Padmakaran Member 1 - Dr.V.Rajeevan Member 2 - Dr.V.G.Pradeep Kumar

The contact numbers and emails of the appellate authority will be published immediately by the Secretary of the KSCCE.

⦁ If any hospital is found to be charging more than the rates as indicated above, they shall be levied a penalty which shall be ten times the additional charges by the concerned DMO(H).

⦁ There shall not be exorbitant pricing of Covid related consumables like PPE, pulse oximeter, Masks, portable Oxygen cylinders and consumables else, action shall be initiated by the District Collector against the concerned ,under relevant provisions of the law. No shops or hospitals shall charge more than MRP, for these items .

⦁ The DMO(H)s in the districts shall take appropriate action as per the Clinical Establishment Act in ensuring the quality care is provided by the private hospitals and charges as indicated above Only are collected.

⦁ The District Collectors and DMOs in the State shall enforce the above regulations and make wide publicity to the rates charged and services to be provided by the private hospitals. Any deviations from the rates fixed shall also be deemed to have committed offenses under the provisions of the Disaster Management Act 2005, the Kerala Epidemic Diseases Ordinance, 2021 and other relevant provisions in law and action initiated against such facilities.

⦁ All the private hospitals must admit the patients immediately as per the admission protocols. No advance shall be insisted at admission time and emphasis shall be on patient care.

⦁ All Government Orders, circulars, advisories issued by the State for Covid-19 management shall be followed diligently by all hospitals.

⦁ The above rates will be enforced with immediate effect until further orders.


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