IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023

IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023 (UPDATED)

In this article, students will be informed about the IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks, and Result for the year 2023. For the December 2022 and June 2022 TEE sessions, students who have enrolled in IGNOU University must obtain their assignments either from their nearest study center or by downloading them from the IGNOU website. It is mandatory for all students to complete and submit the assignments assigned to them by the university to their designated study center within the given deadline, as per IGNOU regulations. Failure to do so will result in the assignment being rejected by the center .

If you have any queries or questions while writing your assignments, you can refer to the Instructions for IGNOU Assignments. You can collect the programme assignment questions from the latest edition of the IGNOU Assignment section . To view latest assisgnments click here . It is recommended to submit only the latest assignments to the study centre.
If students who is failing to submit the required assignment within the given time duration will result in not being allowed to attend the upcoming Term End Examination conducted by IGNOU. The weightage of assignments in your grade card is 30%, while the Theory and Practical examination holds a weightage of 70%.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023

As we are aware, the deadline for the submission of IGNOU Assignments has passed across the country, and we hope that the IGNOU Regional Centers (RCs) have already begun updating the IGNOU Assignment Status and Marks Online for the most recent TEE session of December 2022. Thus, we advise candidates to regularly check their IGNOU Assignment status to receive their assignment marks and results online as soon as possible.

The IGNOU Assignment status or marks for TEE December 2022 are now available along with the TEE Result Dec 2022. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check the assignment status to receive your marks. If you have already submitted your IGNOU Assignment for the December 2022 session to your study center through online or offline mode, you do not have to wait any longer. The link to check your assignment status and marks has been updated, and you can confirm whether it has been updated online or not. The assignment status and marks for December & June 2022 are usually updated with the TEE Result December & June 2022, respectively.

IGNOU Assignment Status Update

After submission of assignments through any available method, they undergo evaluation by the evaluator of the study center or regional center. Once the evaluator successfully evaluates your assignment, they will either directly upload your marks on the IGNOU web site or send them to IGNOU Delhi for updating through online , after which each student can view their report Here, you can access your marks, status, grades, and results of your assignments.

Normally, the updating and uploading of IGNOU assignment marks takes place within 40 days after submission to the respective study center  or regional center.

What Can I do after Submission of IGNOU Assignment?

If you have submitted your assignments to an IGNOU study center, it is now time to check your marks and status online. Once submitted, your assignments are sent to the evaluation department, where IGNOU evaluators assess each assignment solution. If only a few days have passed since submission, we advise all students to check their assignment marks and status after three or four weeks.

Who can find IGNOU Assignment Status from Ignou Website?

Here, you can check the status of your IGNOU assignments if you are a student of TEE for December 2022, June 2022, or December 2021. The submission of IGNOU assignments for the December 2022 session has begun, and candidates can check the status regularly to know whether their marks have been updated in the grade card or not.

Additionally, we would like to inform our students that assignment marks for the June 2021 session will also be updated with the TEE Result June 2022. Therefore, students are advised to follow the given procedure to check their assignment marks.

Moreover, students from the June 2021, December 2020, June 2020, and December 2019 sessions can also access their IGNOU assignment marks and results from this platform.

Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023

A lot of students seem to be struggling with checking their assignment status and marks online after submitting their assignments to the study center, which they have prepared with great effort. To simplify the process, we have created a single platform where students can easily find their assignment status, marks, and results.

All you need to do is click on the following link to access the main page of the assignment status section. Once you arrive at the section, enter your 9 or 10 digit enrolment number, select your program code from the list, and click on submit to view your assignment status on the screen.

Click Here to Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks, and Results

What can I do If IGNOU Assignment Status is Not Updated?

Sometimes IGNOU Assignment status update process experiences delays due to unknown reasons, such as delayed evaluation of assignments at the concerned study center or non-uploading of assignment marks by the regional center. In such cases, candidates can wait until the result is declared to receive updates on their assignment status. However, if you are unable to locate your assignment status or marks even after the TEE Result is released, you must contact the center where you submitted your assignments.


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