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aqualoom kwa - Kerala Water Authority
aqualoom kwa - Kerala Water Authority

Aqualoom is a complaint redressal platform for Kerala Water Authority consumers. It is a web based 24*7 online consumer complaint system. You can register all water authority related complaints including water leak, water shortage, water charge related, Jal Jeevan Mission related,Sewerage complaints etc. through this portal.It is available through web address.

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Aqualoom - How can i register Kerala Water Authority consumer Complaints ?

You can register your complaints about Kerala Water Authority services through various methods in Aqualoom KWA .Here we are trying to explain the various methods one by one.

1.Register kwa complaints through Aqualoom

By visiting

aqualoom - Kerala Water Authority

1. Click on "Register Complaints" button. After that you will be redirected to complaint entry form.

Require all the fields. Select your district from the drop down.

After that Assembly Constituency.

Then select Panchatyath/Municipality/Corporation Division.

After Selecting the above fields select your complaint type from the drop down .The complaint types are water leak, water shortage, water charge related, Jal Jeevan Mission related,Sewerage complaints , etc. If the complaints are not in this list then please select 'Others'.

In next text area provide detailed description about your complaint.

In Landmark /Consumer No/Consumer ID: field provide the accurate details that you have.

Finally provide Name and Mobile No in the corresponding fields.

If the all fields are ok then press 'confirm' button.

You will get an alert like "Complaint Registered and Docket No is.489118".

Also you will get a message in your mobile no that says " Your complaint is registered with docket no. 489118. Pay your Water charge online - Stay Home Stay Safe."

Finally you are registered your complaint with Aqualoom Portal.

aqualoom docket no

2. Register kwa Complaints through WhatsApp No

You can register your complaints including photos and videos via whats app. For this please use the WhatsApp no 9495998258.Just send the details from your WhatsApp no. While registering you will also get a aqualoom docket no that is simillar to Aqualoom.

3. Register kwa Complaints throgh 1916 toll free no

1916 is a toll free number for registering consumer complaints through phone.The above toll free no is working 24*7.

4. Register Kerala Water Authority Complaints through Facebook Messenger

You can register your complaints with photos and videos via Facebook messenger. For this purpose visit . By visiting facebook link .You can register complaints either via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

How can i get the status of Aqualoom Complaints?

You can track the status of the kwa complaint by using aqualoom portal. For this purpose you need docket no or Mobile no.

  1. Visit and Click on "Search Complaints" button
  2. or directly visit php/s_com_pub.php .

3. Provide either docket no or mobile no . And press Search button.

4. Finally you will get all the details including status of the complaint.

aqualoom complaint status

Aqualoom KWA Help line Contact Numbers - വാട്ടര് അതോറിറ്റി ഫോണ് നമ്പര്

[email protected]

9495998258 WhatsApp Only.

1916 [24x7]


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