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Empire State Building - Historical landmark in New York , United States of America
Historical landmark

Empire State Building - Historical landmark in New York - 20 W 34th St., USA

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About Empire State Building in New York

Iconic, art deco office tower from 1931 with exhibits & observatories on the 86th & 102nd floors.


Empire State Building, 20 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001, United States

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Sunday- 10 am–9 pm
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Tuesday- 10 am–9 pm
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20 W 34th St.
Empire State Building, 20 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001, United States
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Lat long (40.7484405,-73.9856644)

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Kiet TTKiet TT

Wow! Such a beautiful work of architecture and it’s crazy they were able to build it up so fast! I absolutely adore the modern art deco style. It’s one of the most iconic and the most beautiful building in New York in my opinion. I visited on New Year’s Eve of 2023 and the crowds weren’t too bad because everyone was already waiting at Times Square in the morning for the ball to drop. There are lots of informative exhibits as I walked towards the elevators then I got to go up and see the whole city from the top. The elevator ride was very smooth and quick. There is a cool video playing inside the elevator. The views and scenery were absolutely amazing and breathtaking. I could see all the iconic landmarks of NYC such as the One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, and more. My favourite part is the observation platform where I got to go outside and catch the breeze coming in. I definitely like this more than the One World Trade Center observatory which I went a year ago mainly because of the observation deck. The admission prices are pretty fair compared to other attractions. I highly recommend buying tickets in advance if you are planning to visit because it will make your experience more smooth and convenient. Definitely a must see in New York City and it won’t disappoint!

Nissa RathoreNissa Rathore

I was intimidated about parking in New York City so, I called the Empire State Building and they were very helpful in the nearest parking deck. It’s on the same side as the building. But the entrance is on the other side with a little walk. We walked in and there is someone to greet and guide you. Easy to purchase tickets on the kiosk. Employees were all very helpful in guiding you and the elevators attendant was there as well. Lots to read and see. The view from in side the 86 floor was beautiful but the out side on a cold winter day was breathtaking.


As you make your way up to the observatory, you learn the history and how this magnificent staple of the NYC skyline was created. You even get to hang out with King Kong! The views are unbeatable and romantic! Fans of the movie “Elf”will really enjoy the entrance when you are ready to leave the tour. Staff was so very friendly and helpful, and everything is streamlined seamlessly. Take in all the details from the elevator doors to the photo ops and you’ll have a great time here.

Lisa McknightLisa Mcknight

You just have to do it! One of the most iconic buildings in the world! I surprised my teenager with a week in NYC and she was in awe of this beautiful building! We went November day after thanksgiving so the city was pretty quiet , the New Yorkers having gone home for the Holidays, so best time to visit! No queue, and plenty of information on the way up to the top. Once you're up there it's breathtaking.. I love all the Art Deco , it's just one of the best buildings in the World!

Stephanie JacobsonStephanie Jacobson

Beautiful scenery! I loved the little exhibit displayed before going up higher. It was nice to go outside and see the city from that view. However, if you wanted to go up to the very top, there was an additional pay that we weren't warned about. We bought our tickets in advance and thought it was for everything but I guess not. Still a good place to go besides that.

Mahbuba ShahrinMahbuba Shahrin

Highly recommend to buy tickets in advance. If it wasn't for Sharon and the manager, Kevin, my guests that came from England wouldn't had seen the 86th Floor of The Empire State Building. My guests came from England and it was Sharon that deescalated the situation beautifully and involved her manager, Kevin who let us in the building. We took priceless pictures from above. Thank you to Kevin and Sharon for an all-time extraordinary experience for us. My guests also bought souvenirs to take back to England. We appreciate your kindness for letting us in, even if it's last minute. Thank you and beyond.


I went to One World (cannot take pictures due to too much glare), the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock. I liked both the Empire and the Rock (amazing view of the Empire State Building). Since I loved watching "Sleepless in Seattle", it was great to be there. There were a couple of things I didn't like about: 1. You don't get to see the Empire State Building😂 2. You don't get a clear view (however, I kind of liked it). 3. At night, your picture will look very red. I would revisit it if I come back to NYC! At 630pm on Thursday, there was no line up.

Dominika PraženicováDominika Praženicová

Buy a ticket in advance. So many people but a fairly great view. You get some background about how it was built and all and then a lift to the observation floor. You get shouted at if you take pictures from the windows on any other floor beside the observation one 😂😅. Kinda weird but okay 🤷.

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Frequently asked questions About Empire State Building

Where is Empire State Building Located ?

Empire State Building Located in New York of 20 W 34th St.. The complete address is Empire State Building, 20 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001, United States.

Can I get the contact No of 'Empire State Building' ?

Yes you can contact over this +1 212-736-3100 no.

Is there any website for 'Empire State Building' ?

Yes you can connect Empire State Building with their website .

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