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The Grand Venice Mall - Shopping mall in Greater Noida , India
Shopping mall

The Grand Venice Mall - Shopping mall in Greater Noida - Meerut, India

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About The Grand Venice Mall in Greater Noida

Shopping mall featuring Venetian-style architecture, canals & gondola rides & an ample food court.


The Grand Venice Mall, Plot No SH3, Site IV, near Pari Chowk, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308

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Monday- 11 am-10 pm
Tuesday- 11 am-10 pm
Wednesday- 11 am-10 pm
Thursday- 11 am-10 pm
Friday- 11 am-10 pm
Saturday- 11 am-10 pm
Sunday- 11 am-10 pm

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The Grand Venice Mall, Plot No SH3, Site IV, near Pari Chowk, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308
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Lat long (28.4525346,77.5263114)

The Grand Venice Mall - Featured Reviews (46051)

Kanav pro gamerKanav pro gamer

Came to know about the mall from social media and planned to visit but disappointed after reaching. As the place was dead due to the location of the mall even though the ambience of the mall is so beautiful and nicely planned but due to less footfall no big brands in the mall. No standard of crowd wearing chappals all around. You can imagine the standard of the mall from that even in their food court they don't even have McDonald. Big yes for ambiance else big no for any other reason.

Vijay Kumar KhuravaVijay Kumar Khurava

"I didn't enjoy going there; there weren't too many options for kids, adults, or food. The mall, labeled as Venice Mall, attempted to match the theme in the middle, featuring boat fun along with a song. However, the boat ride was very costly at 300 rupees per head for a 5-minute ride, which I believe is a complete waste of money. I also had arguments with the ticket lady because she wanted to see my 4-year-old child to exempt him, and I was telling the truth that he is indeed 4 years old. I would recommend bringing Aadhar cards for kids if you plan to go on the boat ride. There is no option for a full-fledged restaurant within the mall where you can enjoy peaceful food. While they do have a food court, the service is not good. However, you will find seating at pizza shops if you like them. Masti Zone offers many options like arcade, kids' adventure, and trampoline, but it's also very costly compared to the timing and service they provide. For example, the trampoline costs 400 rupees per person for 30 minutes, and there isn't much to play there, making it a risky choice. Kids' adventure costs 250 rupees per child for 30 minutes, which is somewhat good, but timing is an issue. There is another adventure park that was closed, possibly due to missing safety standards. The arcade was also too costly; within 10 minutes, I was charged 1000 rupees, and most of the machines were not functioning. Most of the shops within the mall are closed or not functional. Valet parking charges 100 rupees."

Aashika JainAashika Jain

The mall is centralised air conditioned.You can go with your friends and family and have a gala time. You can enjoy gondola, no touch cotton candy and many more. Thwre is food court having different food chains . It also has game zone.

Rajinder BindraRajinder Bindra

Based on the theme of Vanice city, it has been drafted and catered well. Although the mall doesn't look maintained from outside, still it is one of the most beautiful malls from inside. Having very limited shops inside and most of the part in the mall is closed, the mall is beautiful and different from all other malls. I wish some day it runs on its full, so that we may be able to see it's actual beauty. A good place to go, and a must place to see atleast once, before giving judgement from outside.

Vikas SharmaVikas Sharma

I didn't felt good, most of the shops are closed, no such decoration. No crowd. At the entrance only you will feel bad while looking at the walls. Food court is also worthless. I suggest, do not waste your time here especially if you are from delhi aur gurugram. Masti zone is ok, but quite expensive

Aparanjeetha SivakumarAparanjeetha Sivakumar

Absolutely beautiful place to visit where we get to experience gandola rides.. a stairwell that resembles the Leaning tower of Pisa is an added attraction and makes for a popular photo-op. But the number of unoccupied shops is considerable and outlets for shopping and not that many. There is a multiplex in the venue. It definitely is a lovely well- maintained place to spend an evening.

Aliva AdhikariAliva Adhikari

The Grand Venice Mall is an enchanting destination that beautifully recreates the Venetian experience. From the stunning architecture and intricate details to the gondolas gliding through indoor waterways, every element transports visitors to the romantic streets of Venice. With a plethora of shopping options, delightful culinary offerings, and a range of entertainment activities, this mall provides a complete experience for all. Whether you're capturing memorable photographs, enjoying a waterfront promenade, or immersing yourself in Venetian-themed events, The Grand Venice Mall offers an unforgettable journey through the charm and beauty of Venice.


This mall is fully ac. You can go with your family members, friends and lovers. It is convenient for everyone. You can enjoy boat ride inside the mall. There is food court at 4th floor which contains different types of foods, snacks at affordable price. It also contain game zone and fun zone for the kids

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Frequently asked questions About The Grand Venice Mall

Where is The Grand Venice Mall Located ?

The Grand Venice Mall Located in Greater Noida of Meerut. The complete address is The Grand Venice Mall, Plot No SH3, Site IV, near Pari Chowk, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308.

Can I get the contact No of 'The Grand Venice Mall' ?

Yes you can contact over this 088606 66666 no.

Is there any website for 'The Grand Venice Mall' ?

Yes you can connect The Grand Venice Mall with their website .

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