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Mount Rushmore National Memorial - Memorial park in Keystone , United States of America
Memorial park

Mount Rushmore National Memorial - Memorial park in Keystone - 13000 SD-244, USA

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About Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone

Massive mountainside sculpture drawing crowds for its depiction of 4 former American presidents.


Mount Rushmore National Memorial, 13000 SD-244, Keystone, SD 57751, United States

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Monday- 5 am–9 pm
Tuesday- 5 am–9 pm
Wednesday- 5 am–9 pm
Thursday- 5 am–9 pm
Friday- 5 am–9 pm
Saturday- 5 am–9 pm
Sunday- 5 am–9 pm

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13000 SD-244
Mount Rushmore National Memorial, 13000 SD-244, Keystone, SD 57751, United States
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Lat long (43.8803357,-103.4537746)

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Trevis StilesTrevis Stiles

An absolutely must see for any American! I would even say if you're a foreigner touring the U.S., you need to stop by and see Mount Rushmore. It's not too far of a drive if you're coming from Rapid City. I suggest bringing some snacks for the trip but there is a little town before you get into the main Mt. Rushmore area. It's an incredible monument and is definitely worth seeing.

TripIt Now or NeverTripIt Now or Never

Sculptor Gutzon Borglum created this famous mountainside carving of the visages of four great American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The carving is awesome and it looks more beautiful in person. The memorial is well maintained. There is paid parking service,they are charging for National park pass holders as well, which we didn’t liked. The gift shop is nice. The staff and park service officials are well knowledgeable and always help others and answers their queries nicely.

William ZachariasWilliam Zacharias

Great view you get to get really close. I wish the trail was open closed due to snow. Free to get in. $10 to park. Less than 2 blocks to walk

James CooperJames Cooper

I'd definitely say Mount Rushmore was worth the visit if you're in South Dakota. Seeing pictures simply isn't the same as actually being there and seeing them in person. The time and effort that must have gone into carving these faces out of stone, back then when they didn't have the technology we do now, is pretty amazing to say the least. There's also a trail that you can walk on (a good few miles if I remember correctly), as well as a big gift shop and also a place to get a drink or a bite to eat. And the parking was cheap too, only being $10, which can be paid for at either the beginning of your visit or at the end. Highly recommend a visit here!

Jonathan DurichekJonathan Durichek

From the time i was very young, this place has been on my bucket list to visit. I finally made it to this national treasure/ wonders of the world. I came during the off-season and the evening time. No one was there but two people from Tennessee were two hours away from my house. I so enjoyed this moment and well cherish it for ever. I highly recommend coming November time less busy.

Benjamin LBenjamin L

It’s worth the trip, but it can’t be your only reason for going to South Dakota. I’d strongly recommend adding some other places to your trip, since really the most time I think you can really enjoy yourself here is like 6 hours max. And that includes the hikes and the tours. See some of the nearby caves or go a little further out of the way for some local foods. The whole area is gorgeous.

Kae SalyersKae Salyers

I enjoyed seeing the monument. Parking is $10, and there's several parking garage layers. $5 if you are 63+. It was neat learning about the production of the monument. Sadly, I didn't get the passport stamp. By the time I went back to my car and returned with my passport, the visitor center had closed. They close at 5. I didn't know monuments had stamps, and I was excited to get them. That's okay, though, my own fault.

Jackie KabelJackie Kabel

Going in November was fantastic. The weather was great. The 30,000 per day visitors who come during the heat summer made this an ideal time for us to come. Hardly anyone there! The staff were very helpful. The book and gift shop were well stocked.

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Where is Mount Rushmore National Memorial Located ?

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Located in Keystone of 13000 SD-244. The complete address is Mount Rushmore National Memorial, 13000 SD-244, Keystone, SD 57751, United States.

Can I get the contact No of 'Mount Rushmore National Memorial' ?

Yes you can contact over this +1 605-574-2523 no.

Is there any website for 'Mount Rushmore National Memorial' ?

Yes you can connect Mount Rushmore National Memorial with their website .

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