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Cafe Du Monde - Coffee shop in New Orleans , United States of America
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Cafe Du Monde - Coffee shop in New Orleans - 800 Decatur St, USA

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About Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans

Iconic New Orleans cafe known for café au laits, chicory coffee & beignets since 1862.


Cafe Du Monde, 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States

Open Hours

Sunday- 7:15 am–11 pm
Monday- 7:15 am–11 pm
Tuesday- 7:15 am–11 pm
Wednesday- 7:15 am–11 pm
Thursday- 7:15 am–11 pm
Friday- 7:15 am–12 am
Saturday- 7:15 am–12 am

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+1 504-587-0833
800 Decatur St
Cafe Du Monde, 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States
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Lat long (29.9576044,-90.0617687)

Cafe Du Monde - Featured Reviews (39494)

Arham TausifArham Tausif

Quintessential NOLA experience. Amazing beignets and coffee. Went twice during my 5 nights in NOLA. It's always packed no matter what time you visit, so be prepared for huge crowds. But that's probably the best thing about Cafe Du Monde

Luke OLuke O

Beignets were incredible! Quite a long line to get in, but they fly through tables. Prices were much lower then I thought, considering it’s the best one the area! 3 beignets for 3.85! Super classic area to hit. Would recommend!


It was such a treat to visit the famous Cafe du Monde! My husband and I visited two times, both in the evenings. There was no line either time and we were able to find clean tables very easily. One bite in and it’s no wonder why these little pastries are so popular. They’re warm and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside and dramatically piled, not dusted, with powdered sugar. I especially enjoyed my beignets dipped in a hot cup of chicory coffee. They’re also insanely cheap. Combined, both visits cost us less than $30.00. The staff is uber-friendly and accommodating. With how easy it is to find and situate, you shouldn’t miss this. I promise, not a tourist trap. Your trip to New Orleans is not complete without a visit!

Nicholas PNicholas P

This is a staple that every tourist should do while coming here. It’s not all hype either. The beignets were well made and they taste great. When you receive them, they’re hot and soft. That powdered sugar gives it a bit of sweetness. It comes in an order of 3 for less than $4. Great customer service. Plenty of tables to sit.

Jenny WeiJenny Wei

We stopped by on a Thursday afternoon and had a great snack. The prices are super reasonable. There were a ton of servers who took your order and then brought it to the table. And the food was ready quickly. The beignets are delicious and it's fun making a mess with all the sugar. Consider visiting at an off-peak time: On Thursday afternoon, we had no line at all. When we walked by on a Saturday midday, there was a big line.


Beignets are a little dense, but all the food came out hot. Very fast-paced atmosphere filled with tens of servers constantly running around and customers shuffling. Densely packed-in so much that you may walk into a few chairs when walking through the pathways. Still a wonderful historic piece of New Orleans that every tourist should ATTEMPT to go to. The line is hours long on average, so getting in may be a problem.

Candice RussCandice Russ

Honestly the beignets were a little dense for my liking, but they had good flavor and were very fresh. I think it's also amazing that while the line looks like it will take 3 hours to be served, it was probably only 20ish minutes before we sat down. The service was quick and easy. For my the hot chocolate was the star of the show. It was chocolatey and hot and thick but not thick. Loved it. I only marked the atmosphere as a 4 because the seating can be a little chaotic and sometimes people bombard your space. All in all I am glad I went, but I did feel a little let down. Note: Cash only!!!


Such an iconic place! The latte was great! Not the biggest fan of beignets myself, but still a must visit even if you aren't. Everything is only a couple dollars. Very inexpensive. Fun to just sit and be part of new orleans, enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to street performances, and watch the world go by.

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Frequently asked questions About Cafe Du Monde

Where is Cafe Du Monde Located ?

Cafe Du Monde Located in New Orleans of 800 Decatur St. The complete address is Cafe Du Monde, 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States.

Can I get the contact No of 'Cafe Du Monde' ?

Yes you can contact over this +1 504-587-0833 no.

Is there any website for 'Cafe Du Monde' ?

Yes you can connect Cafe Du Monde with their website .

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