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Itarsi railway station - Railway services in Itarsi , India
Railway services

Itarsi railway station - Railway services in Itarsi - Hoshangabad, India

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About Itarsi railway station in Itarsi


Itarsi railway station, Junction, Foot Over Bridge, Venkatesh Colony, Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh 461122

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Itarsi railway station, Junction, Foot Over Bridge, Venkatesh Colony, Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh 461122
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Lat long (22.6077054,77.7652632)

Itarsi railway station - Featured Reviews (78294)

Ashwin G KanthaleAshwin G Kanthale

The station is known for its well-organized operations, facilitating smooth transit for both passengers and freight, Being the divisional headquarters of the West Central Railway Zone, Itarsi plays a pivotal role in railway operations and management. It's strategic location, efficient operations, historical significance, and economic contributions make it a noteworthy and positive element in India's railway network.

SharmaAbhi VlogsSharmaAbhi Vlogs

Hi I'm a travel That's why I write a review about this station First of all this station very neet and clean but little bit Dirty , most of trains halt here for 10 minutes so you can do your lunch here , because here you many types of food like idli / Rice / anda rice / chicken rice / Chhole rice / tea extraaa . Every day 343 trains are halted this station, so if you want to take another train you got here because this station is very big and many express train / mails are going through this station. Hope you like it ..

ansari alamansari alam

I love this place my favourite spot on the earth so I never forget to come there

DJ Rock GarhwaDJ Rock Garhwa

I recently had the opportunity to visit Itarsi Railway Station during my journey, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with my experience there. From the cleanliness and efficiency to the helpful staff, this railway station deserves a 5-star rating. Here's a breakdown of my positive experience: 1. Cleanliness and Maintenance: Itarsi Railway Station is exceptionally well-maintained and kept clean throughout. The platforms, waiting areas, and washrooms were all spotless, ensuring a pleasant environment for travelers. 2. Efficient Staff: The railway staff at Itarsi Station were courteous, friendly, and helpful. They were readily available to assist passengers with any queries or concerns, making the overall experience smooth and hassle-free. 3. Timeliness and Punctuality: The trains at Itarsi Railway Station adhered to their schedules remarkably well. I was pleased to see that most of the trains arrived and departed on time, ensuring a convenient and efficient journey for passengers. 4. Safety and Security: The security measures at Itarsi Station were commendable. I noticed a strong presence of security personnel, ensuring the safety and well-being of travelers. It gave me peace of mind during my stay at the station. However, there was one aspect that I found to be slightly disappointing. The availability of vegetarian food options at the railway station was limited compared to non-vegetarian offerings. As a vegetarian myself, I would have appreciated a wider variety of vegetarian meals and snacks to choose from. It would be great if the station authorities could consider this and provide more options for vegetarian travelers. Despite this minor setback, my overall experience at Itarsi Railway Station was excellent. The station's cleanliness, efficient staff, punctuality, and focus on safety make it a top choice for travelers. I would highly recommend this railway station to anyone passing through Itarsi. Updating time to time station

DC, Explore The WorldDC, Explore The World

ITARSI Train station is located in hoshangabad district, Madhya Pardesh, is the 8th busiest junction in India. It falls under the West Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways from where 420trains passes everyday, so it's famed as busiest junction. It connects the Howarrah- paraygraj- Mumbai line or from North, Delhi- Chennai line. It's also neat and clean washroom as well as tidy platforms. Booking is easy at the Railway station. And lots of parking at the north region of station. Indraprasth superfast and Vande express are the train services could be found on the station for superfast journey.


It's a big station, can get food here while travelling if the stoppage is longer (about 15min). For short stop, one can use the online irctc catering services for food (sometime ahead before train reached the station).

Vinayak MehraVinayak Mehra

Located at a strategic junction, this railway station serves as a vital hub for accessing various destinations across India. Remarkably, it stands out as one of the cleanest railway stations I've encountered recently. The cleanliness enhances the overall travel experience, contributing to a positive impression. Situated amidst a bustling market, the station provides convenient access to a range of goods. Whether you're looking to purchase daily essentials or souvenir items, the proximity to the market ensures a seamless shopping experience. The integration of a market near the station adds to the vibrancy of the surroundings, offering travelers a glimpse into the local culture and commerce. For travelers on the go, the platform itself becomes a one-stop destination for essential purchases. From food and water to electronic items and other travel necessities, the station caters to diverse needs. This accessibility is particularly valuable, saving time for passengers with tight schedules or those who prefer a hassle-free journey. In summary, this railway station goes beyond its primary function, transforming into a multifaceted travel hub. Its cleanliness, coupled with the nearby market and on-platform amenities, creates a well-rounded and traveler-friendly environment. Whether you're embarking on a long journey or simply passing through, the station's facilities enhance the overall travel experience.

Shivam GuptaShivam Gupta

Having recently visited Itarsi Railway Station, I am delighted to provide you with a detailed review of this important transportation hub. Situated in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, Itarsi Railway Station serves as a major junction connecting various cities and regions across India. Here's my assessment of the station based on different aspects: 1. Accessibility: Itarsi Railway Station enjoys excellent accessibility from different parts of the city. It is well-connected by roads, and public transportation options are readily available to reach the station. The station's central location makes it convenient for both locals and travelers. 2. Infrastructure and Facilities: The infrastructure at Itarsi Railway Station is well-maintained and modern. The station premises are clean and well-organized, creating a comfortable environment for passengers. The platforms are spacious, and there are ample seating arrangements for travelers. Facilities such as clean restrooms, drinking water facilities, and waiting rooms are available, ensuring convenience during waiting times. 3. Train Services: Itarsi Railway Station is a crucial junction that connects various major cities across India. It serves as a transit point for trains originating from different parts of the country. The station operates both long-distance and local trains, providing a wide range of travel options for passengers. The availability of multiple train services enhances connectivity to different destinations. 4. Safety and Security: Itarsi Railway Station prioritizes passenger safety and security. The station is equipped with adequate security measures, including the presence of vigilant security personnel throughout the premises. CCTV cameras are strategically installed, further ensuring a safe environment for passengers. These measures contribute to a sense of security during travel. 5. Staff and Service: The staff at Itarsi Railway Station is courteous and helpful. The ticketing counters are well-staffed, and the personnel efficiently assist passengers with their queries and ticketing needs. The station authorities are attentive to maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the smooth functioning of the station. The helpful and professional staff enhance the overall travel experience. 6. Connectivity and Amenities: Itarsi Railway Station offers various amenities to cater to the needs of passengers. There are a variety of food stalls and vendors providing a range of snacks and beverages. Bookstalls and shops selling essential items are also available within the station premises. Additionally, taxi and auto-rickshaw services are easily accessible outside the station, providing convenient connectivity for onward journeys. Overall, Itarsi Railway Station is a well-managed and efficiently operated railway junction. Its accessibility, infrastructure, train services, safety measures, and amenities contribute to a positive travel experience for passengers. Whether you are a local commuter or a traveler passing through Itarsi, this railway station ensures a smooth and comfortable transit experience.

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Where is Itarsi railway station Located ?

Itarsi railway station Located in Itarsi of Hoshangabad. The complete address is Itarsi railway station, Junction, Foot Over Bridge, Venkatesh Colony, Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh 461122.

Can I get the contact No of 'Itarsi railway station' ?

Yes you can contact over this 011 2338 4416 no.

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