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Gandikota Fort - Castle in Gandikota , India

Gandikota Fort - Castle in Gandikota - Y.s.r., India

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About Gandikota Fort in Gandikota


Gandikota Fort, Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh 516434

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Gandikota Fort, Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh 516434
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I never thought there was a Canyon in India It's beautiful and our own Indian Canyon but it's little Rocky to walk one side, need to be careful...!! Around this Canyon is a temple and a masjid you can see. I heard that there are adventurous things to do near it.

Mahendra LMahendra L

The place is supposed be great. However, looks like government has no interest in maintaining this place. Felt so bad when I saw great places like these are not at all maintained. Average crowd. Very few options for stay. Below average restaurants. Plan your visit in the evening and leave before it's dark.

Balaji NimmagaddaBalaji Nimmagadda

Gandikota, often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of India," is an absolute marvel in Kurnool. The stunning gorge, carved by the Pennar River, is a natural wonder that leaves visitors in awe. The views of the crimson-hued rocks, meandering river, and the historic Gandikota Fort perched on the edge are simply breathtaking. It's a photographer's paradise and a perfect place for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Exploring this hidden gem in Kurnool is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

Harinath AvulaHarinath Avula

Beautiful remains of ancient history and 1 great view of the gorge / canyon. Visited for a day trip. The path allows vehicles to go inside Fort Wall and is a great experience. There are remains of 2 temples and a mosque from ancient times. These lie as a proof of battles and rich history of India. Unfortunately, there is very limited information on the kings who ruled the places. The temples were of great architecture, but it is sad to see no idols. Many photoshoots were ongoing without any restrictions at the time of visit. The way to see the viewpoint of Gandikota is near to mosque and past a temple. The path has some small rock climbing to access and is easy for kids too. The view is great and is definitely worth to visit. As of the day I visited, there were no entry charges. The only place to have food is a near by Haritha restaurant maintained by govt.

Gayatri BongaralaGayatri Bongarala

1 star less as drinking water tap is giving unclean water,it could be a serious health issue to people who consume it by mistake. the view is just amazing, worth the trek. Be prepared to get tanned even during the morning. One request to people: Please don't scribble on stones and destroy the beauty of forts and stones.

Saharsh GoenkaSaharsh Goenka

Giving it a 3-star because the Archeological Survey of India is not at all preserving the fort and a village has been set up inside the fort and spoiled the tourism spot. Coming to the fort, the ruins of the fort are good and the views are amazing. You can spend the morning here and explore the fort. The ASI should preserve it because these are the only things which give India its recognition.

Bibi VenugopalBibi Venugopal

The fort is of very little magnificence and is very badly maintained. The history of the fort is bare minimum and a village is thriving inside the fort gates. The whole fort needs about 1-2 hrs maximum to be explored and the structures within the fort are either completely unrelated or secular giving us no hints to the history or purpose or why it came into existence. The temples are just ruins n very badly managed , the walls of fort and temples n masjid has been vandalised.... the biggest plus is the river view point within the fort premises which is the only part worth returning for .


Explore the ruins of the Gandikota fort, which is located close to the Pennar Gorge Viewpoint. The fort boundaries house many other significant structures, such as the Madhavaraya Temple and Jamia Masjid, among others. The walls along the fort also offer brilliant views of the surrounding region.

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Where is Gandikota Fort Located ?

Gandikota Fort Located in Gandikota of Y.s.r.. The complete address is Gandikota Fort, Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh 516434.

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