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Dakshineswar Kali Temple - Hindu temple in Kolkata , India
Hindu temple

Dakshineswar Kali Temple - Hindu temple in Kolkata - 24 Paraganas North, India

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About Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata

9 ornate spires top this riverside red and cream 1800s temple, with shrines to Krishna and Vishnu.


Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700076

Open Hours

Monday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm
Tuesday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm
Wednesday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm
Thursday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm
Friday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm
Saturday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm
Sunday- 6 am-12:30 pm, 3-8:30 pm

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033 2564 5222
Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700076
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Lat long (22.6549087,88.3575307)

Dakshineswar Kali Temple - Featured Reviews (79737)


A very spiritual and powerfully peaceful experience.It is Very Positivity in the surrounding. The architecture is so beautiful and holistic. There are 12 Shiva temples, 1 temple of Radhakrishna and 1 Main Temple of Goddess Kali. *You have to submit your mobiles cameras before entering into the temple

Akash WaghAkash Wagh

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is an awe-inspiring sanctuary that embodies spirituality and architectural brilliance. Nestled along the Hooghly River in Kolkata, this sacred place captivates with its serene ambiance and devotion-steeped atmosphere. The temple's traditional Bengali architecture, adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant colors, is a testament to cultural richness. The main shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali exudes a powerful aura, drawing worshippers and visitors alike into a realm of divine energy. The sprawling temple complex is not only a religious haven but also a haven for introspection. The peaceful courtyards and lush gardens create a tranquil setting for contemplation, offering a welcome escape from the bustling city life. One cannot ignore the significance of the Dakshineswar Ghat, where the river meets the temple premises. The panoramic view of the river adds a surreal touch to the entire experience, especially during sunset. While visiting, don't miss the chance to explore the twelve shrines dedicated to various forms of the Divine Mother, each with its unique charm. The temple's cultural and historical importance is palpable, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists Please ensure phones are not allowed in temples. So you have to keep them outside in the locker.


Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata is a truly divine and serene place. The temple's architecture is mesmerizing, and the peaceful ambience makes it an ideal spot for spiritual seekers. The holy river Ganges flowing by adds to the sacred atmosphere. A must-visit place to experience spirituality and tranquility.

Ashutosh RoutAshutosh Rout

Dakhineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata is a spiritual gem. Its architectural beauty and serene surroundings create a tranquil atmosphere. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the temple's vibrant rituals and devotional ambiance make it a must-visit. The Hooghly River backdrop enhances the experience, offering a peaceful escape from the city bustle. A profound blend of history and spirituality, the temple is a cultural cornerstone, attracting pilgrims and tourists alike.

shambhu jaiswalshambhu jaiswal

Dakshineswar Kaali temple is a big religious place of Hindu, this temple belongs to Devi kaali and situated at Bank of Hugali rever, when you will visit this place, you should deposit your valuable items in locker and also deposit your shoes and you will pay rs 6 for one pair of shoes and rs.20 for one bag. There is also resturant available where you can eat veg food items. It is connected with road, train or Metro.

Satya Vrat AryaSatya Vrat Arya

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a spiritual gem, captivating visitors with its architectural beauty and religious significance. The temple's serene surroundings along the Hooghly River enhance the overall experience. For the best experience, consider visiting during weekdays to avoid crowds.

Arindam SinhaArindam Sinha

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a very beautiful place. First I came with my mother when I was 7 to 10 years old. That time there was no sky walker and building and parking lot. Time to time this place is more developed and organized.

Hemanth KrishnappaHemanth Krishnappa

Famous temple of Goddess Kali & God Shiva (10 lingas). Must visit on a Friday or Tuesday to see the goddess. Divine & spiritual place on the banks of Hoogly river.

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Frequently asked questions About Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Where is Dakshineswar Kali Temple Located ?

Dakshineswar Kali Temple Located in Kolkata of 24 Paraganas North. The complete address is Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700076.

Can I get the contact No of 'Dakshineswar Kali Temple' ?

Yes you can contact over this 033 2564 5222 no.

Is there any website for 'Dakshineswar Kali Temple' ?

Yes you can connect Dakshineswar Kali Temple with their website .

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