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Cochin International Airport - Airport in Kochi , India

Cochin International Airport - Airport in Kochi - Ernakulam, India

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About Cochin International Airport in Kochi

Airport serving the Kochi area with domestic and international flights, plus bus links.


Cochin International Airport (COK), Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683111

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0484 261 0115
Cochin International Airport (COK), Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683111
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Lat long (10.151783,76.392958)

Cochin International Airport - Featured Reviews (50565)

Sudershan Singh GusainSudershan Singh Gusain

Small but beautiful, clean and functional airport. Mix of modern design with touch of traditional touch in the form of wooden railings and decco. Due to small and efficient set up, it doesn't take eternity to get the luggage. Taxi outside airport is easy to get and convenient. Even a medicine shop and a toilet outside the terminal as well so that guests can as well use it.

Shiva SubramanianShiva Subramanian

Very good experience. Visited the Airport almost after 3 Years.Lots of Changes Ambience is very good. Huge Parking place for Vehicles.Fully solar powered. Traveller Friendly.Also both Domestic & International in the complex makes it easier for passengers

Hinal LadHinal Lad

I was amazed to know that the Airport fully operates on solar. The airport was very neat and clean,well maintained. The lounge at the airport is quite comforting, offering delicious and filling food for breakfast and lunch. You can find individual seating sofa like arrangements here instead of regular chairs that you usually see on other airport. Charging ports are available in the waiting area. Restrooms are also clean and hygienic. Overall, I found the Airport very comforting and pleasant.


- First time travelling to an international trip. - Super excited. - Each staff's are very welcoming and check everything about our details. - Those who are first time don't tense. Easy to find everything. First procedure is:- 1) When we enter inside airport you have to wrap the luggage (if needed). 2) Boarding pass collection and baggage dropping. 3) Immigration 4) Security check 5) After all procedure you can go to the gates and wait for flight. - Luggage wrapping charge is too high Rs500/bag. - Neat and clean airport...

Nikki RumdeNikki Rumde

I must say one of the cleanest airports I have visited. From seats to floor everything is clean. Even the seats are comfortable. The best part is all the three terminals are at the same location - unlike other airports. The security check insists on removing earphone out as well so be ready for that. Obviously do not buy the popular kerala chips from the airport as they are 4 times the local cost.

Anand RaoraneAnand Raorane

Very Clean Airport powered by Solar Energy.. Thats what being advertised.. But what about internal Facilities to passengers. Very less seats to sit. Most of the time people are standing and waiting for Flights and if it is delayed then no option just to stand. At least they should increase sitting capacity. No announcement in Smoking Room about the Flights neither any board showing status of Flights . Very less number of eateries / restaurants available on Airport. Whichever r there r on 1st floor.. As a business traveler v usually come just before some time to catch flights and can't go all d way to first floor just to eat something.. Should pay more attention towards passengers facilities than just to advertise about Best Solar energy using Airport

Ramzi MansoorRamzi Mansoor

Cochin International Airport is a beautiful, environment friendly and comfortable airport. From the infrastructure to the furniture, the process, the staff, everything about this airport exudes comfort and positive vibes. The airport is powered by solar panels, wooden interiors and well functioning toilet fittings and fixtures make this airport an environment friendly one.

Win TaiWin Tai

Airport has nothing for tourists that are coming early. There's no Aircon outside the airport. The food court is in the car park is hot. Once inside the food court said they don't have kizhi biriyani but we saw other people ordered. The tea was sour from the vegetarian restaurant. This is very poor service for foreigners who are visiting India. The staff can not speak English very well too. Overall my experience of Kerela is amazing but at this airport it was a big letdown. Kovai Bhavan is terrible service and food. Sour tea is let down. I'm not sure but race could be a part of such poor service. The food court outside has better staff and friendly only issues is that they do not accept credit cards payment. Also when arriving the airport there's no free wifi. You need to get it from departure inside. This airport really needs to learn from other international airports like Singapore to improve. I hope the feedback will help the airport improve their service as India is truly an amazing place for people to visit to help the economy of the local people.

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Frequently asked questions About Cochin International Airport

Where is Cochin International Airport Located ?

Cochin International Airport Located in Kochi of Ernakulam. The complete address is Cochin International Airport (COK), Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683111.

Can I get the contact No of 'Cochin International Airport' ?

Yes you can contact over this 0484 261 0115 no.

Is there any website for 'Cochin International Airport' ?

Yes you can connect Cochin International Airport with their website .

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