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Badal Mahal - Castle in Dungarpur , India

Badal Mahal - Castle in Dungarpur - Dungarpur, India

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About Badal Mahal in Dungarpur


RPR9+8RP Badal Mahal, Shastri Colony, Dungarpur, Rajasthan 314001

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Monday- 10 am-10 pm
Tuesday- 10 am-10 pm
Wednesday- 10 am-10 pm
Thursday- 10 am-10 pm
Friday- 10 am-10 pm
Saturday- 10 am-10 pm
Sunday- 10 am-10 pm

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0141 220 9860
RPR9+8RP Badal Mahal, Shastri Colony, Dungarpur, Rajasthan 314001
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Lat long (23.8408497,73.7195757)

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Gaurav SinghGaurav Singh

mirror-like waters of the lake reflect the sky's ever-changing hues, while gentle ripples whisper tales of the breeze. Flanked by lush greenery, this haven provides a habitat for an array of wildlife, from chirping birds to playful otters. A walk around the lake is therapeutic, with every step bringing one closer to nature's heart. For those seeking solace or inspiration, this place is nothing short of a paradise. Whether you're here for meditation, photography, or a simple picnic, the lake promises memories that linger long after the visit. Highly recommended for nature lovers and peace seekers.

Aman MishraAman Mishra

Badal Mahal, a historical gem located in Dungarpur, stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the 17th century. Its impeccable preservation of unique terracottas and intricate mirror work has transformed it into an awe-inspiring art museum. Here, you can witness not only the preserved artifacts but also newly crafted pieces that vividly portray the lifestyle of Dungarpur's people from bygone eras. The first-floor walls adorned with elaborate paintings exude unparalleled beauty and eccentricity. The true enchantment of visiting this magnificent Mahal unfolds during the evening when the gentle glimmer of lights dances on the walls, gracefully harmonizing with the natural allure of the surrounding lake. It's an experience that captures the essence of sophisticated human creativity amid the tranquility of nature.

Ravi AgarwalRavi Agarwal

Absolutely clean and neat place. You can also enjoy solar energy powered boating. It is very old haritage place. Many youngster come here for photosoot. As this place is surrounded by water, constant cool breeze calm you down. You to spend some time and close your eyes for sometime to feel the beauty of this place. Amazing

Ayush DevpuraAyush Devpura

One of the most beautiful places of Dungarpur is Badal Mahal. The administration has worked really well in decorating & maintaining the place.

Mahesh PrajapatiMahesh Prajapati

I am Mahesh Prajapati.. Write Review.... For .. Badal Mahal... . . Badal Mahal is a very nice place. This is one of the historical place of Rajasthan. I really liked coming here. Really this is a wonderful place. I would always love to come here. Thank you Rajasthan

Prince TripathiPrince Tripathi

Fabulous place at Rajasthan's cleanest city which provides a diffrent level of peace especially in the morning and evening time when you can relax and enjoy the calmness of nature, lake, God Shiva and the spritual vibes. Several information related to Dungarpur's history have been displayed here with kings' names and their photographs. Evening time is best to have delicious food, fascinating lights and beautiful view. Solar Boating is really great as it's pollution free and silent both You must visit this place.

Jaimin BhojaniJaimin Bhojani

Nice Experience......good to see culture of rajasthan and also sea lake view

VikramSinh KhasiyaVikramSinh Khasiya

It's BADAL mahal, a nice place with a small museum showing ancient war weapons like swords, bhala, dhaval, a few sculptures showing ancient people, it's located at a Lake where u can enjoy Boating. U have a view of all around places of Dungarpur while Boating. At evening, it's really a heart touching scene from here. Very nice nd clean place, very well maintained and insisting for cleanliness. Few stalls serving foods. A glimpse of all ancient nd famous places carved on a wall. Good free parking facility for vehicles. Staff is well mannered and polite. Must visit this place when at Dungarpur.

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Frequently asked questions About Badal Mahal

Where is Badal Mahal Located ?

Badal Mahal Located in Dungarpur of Dungarpur. The complete address is RPR9+8RP Badal Mahal, Shastri Colony, Dungarpur, Rajasthan 314001.

Can I get the contact No of 'Badal Mahal' ?

Yes you can contact over this 0141 220 9860 no.

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